Our programs target people in organisations as well as their managers. Ethically relevant decisions are not only made by management, they are more frequently made by people on the ground – at the coal face of the organisation.

To build ethical accountability into organisational culture – to create ethical systems – ethical accountability and decision making needs to occur at all levels of an organisation.

Our programs are not just for organisations looking to avoid scandal and reputational damage, but those looking for a true performance culture conducive to diversity, innovation and wellbeing.

Having a true ‘Speak Up’ culture empowers staff to bring their best selves to work, helps harness creative capabilities, engenders genuine trust and discretional effort among leaders and teams.

Behavioural Ethics @ Work Program

Our BE @ Work Program is based on a tiered learning model, with ongoing reinforcement training to ensure what we do ‘sticks’. By developing practical knowledge and capabilities across all staff, having these reinforced by workplace leaders, and providing the option for annual on-line refresher/compliance training, you can be confident that we are helping support your organisation develop and maintain its ethical foundations not just for the duration of the workshop, but over time.

All our courses are developed based on adult learning principles, are guided by decades of practical experience working within major organisations and are based on leading research and in collaboration with subject matter experts.

Our programs
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BE @ Work ‘All Staff Workshop’

7 hrs-up to 15 participants

Our BE@ Work – All Staff Workshop recognises that ethical accountability and decision making needs to occur at all levels of an organisation. Highly practical and applied, this workshop equips staff with the knowledge of how to prevent ethical transgressions from happening, how to spot failures in ethical decision making, and most importantly, the practicalities of how to actually ‘speak up’ when questionable behaviour is encountered.

Led by senior psychologists and behavioural ethics specialists, workshop content includes:

  • What is ‘everyday ethics’ and why is it so important?
  • How we are all susceptible to bias in our decision-making, and the psychosocial factors that can influence ‘grey area’ behaviour
  • Common everyday ethical blind spots, and how to avoid them
  • The importance of ‘psychological safety'
  • Using the ORATE Method TM - how to ‘Speak Up’ and raise issues of an ethical nature?
  • An exploration of ideal workplace culture, andstrategies for achieving and sustaining this.

After completing this workshop, participants will have increased insight and understanding in to their own and others behaviour, increased ability to spot ethical transgression, increased communication capabilities through the application of the ORATE Method TM, and increased confidence and capability to adopt an early intervention approach to ethical issues before they get to crisis stage.

BE @ Work ‘All Leaders Workshop’

7 hrs-up to 15 participants

In addition to understanding the practicalities of ‘everyday ethics’, and how to spot failures in ethical decision making, building an ethical ‘Speak Up’ culture requires that leaders understand how to effectively engage, challenge, and change ‘grey-area’ or questionable practices in their teams. Conversations around ethical practices and failures can be emotional and threatening, and leaders need skills to manage these processes effectively.

This workshop helps equip leaders to have safe and open discussions around ethical dilemmas and decision-making and the steps involved in creating an environment of psychological safety that promotes a ‘Speak Up’ culture. It also develops knowledge and understanding around how things like incentive structures, interpersonal tensions and organisational goals can influence ethical behaviour.

Led by senior psychologists and behavioural ethics specialists, workshop content includes:

  • The nature of ‘everyday ethics’, ethical biases and‘grey area’ behaviour
  • The importance of ‘psychological safety’ and feedback reciprocity
  • The links between workplace psychosocial climate and unconscious ethical failures
  • Managing workplace practices, such as incentive schemes, to minimize the risks of ethical concerns
  • The psychology behind conflicts of interest
  • How can we improve ethical reasoning andthought leadership skills?
  • Using the ORATE Method TM - how to address ethical issues and have productive conversations with staff?
  • Creating the future - how can we design environments where ethical behaviour becomes easy, automatic, and habitual?

After completing this workshop, leaders will have insight and understanding into their own and others behaviour, increased ability to spot and manage ethical transgressions, increased understanding of the influence of psychosocial climate and workplace behaviour, and increased confidence in leading an ethical workplace.

BE @ Work ‘On-Line’

2 hr workshop – under development

For those organisations interested in including a Behavioural Ethics module in their annual on-line compliance training, in their on-boarding processes, as a refresher course or as part of their on-line professional development offering, please get in touch, we are more than happy to assist with your content and coursework requirements!


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