‘Everyday Ethics’ – Empowering Organisations and People - Breakfast Seminar - Dr Brock Bastian (Sydney 15 May, Canberra 29 May, Melbourne 5 June 2019)

• Would you like to learn the key foundations for an ethical workplace culture?

• Do you want to empower your teams to ‘speak up’, ask tough questions, and hold difficult conversations as an early intervention and prevention approach to issues such as whistle-blower incidents, misconduct and interpersonal grievances?

• Do you want to make psychological safety a foundational feature of your workplace, cultivating diverse perspectives, approaching problems with curiosity, and building a learning mindset?

‘Ethics’ has traditionally been seen as the domain of philosophers and company directors. To most people, ethics itself remains a somewhat abstract concept, yet there is increasing pressure on organisations to demonstrate that they are ethical organisations, not just in terms of ensuring customer trust and avoiding negative publicity, but due to increasing societal demands to ‘do the right thing’.

The emerging field of Behavioural Ethics is shedding new light on workplace behaviour, and helping people and organisations understand how and why ethical transgressions occur, why many of the common approaches are set to fail, and how the workplace environment has such a key influence on decision making and behaviour.  

In this informal senior executive seminar, Dr Brock Bastian will explore case studies and the latest research in Behavioural Ethics and how this can be practically applied to a range of workplace cultural, behavioural, safety and performance domains. Brock will present a framework for making ethics part of everyday behaviour and for empowering staff to ‘speak up’ early to address potential issues in their infancy, rather than managing incidents when they have reached a crisis point.

Whether you are interested in helping your staff better manage possible conflicts of interest, developing consumer trust in your brand, enhancing your workplace culture, or equipping your people with the practical knowledge and skills to better manage complex situations and adopt an early intervention approach to potential behavioural, conduct, customer, or interpersonal issues, this seminar is one not to miss.

Note. This seminar has been specifically developed for senior human resource professionals from larger corporate and institutional organisations (500 plus staff) and places are strictly limited (max 2 per organisation). If you are interested in attending, please contact Ethics Applied via info@ethicsapplied.com.au to register your interest, or call Dave Burroughs on 0478951225 for additional information.

David Burroughs


David Burroughs is a workplace psychologist who has spent the last decade and half working with major organisations, both in Australia and abroad, in the area of workplace mental health.

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