As the field of economics evolved into behavioural economics in order to better predict what people actually do, rather than what formal theories suggest they should do, the field of ethics is also evolving into the area of ‘behavioural ethics’ as we seek to gain greater insight into the various influences that shape ethical decisions.

Behavioural ethics as a discipline draws from fields such as philosophy, behavioural psychology and evolutionary biology to help us understand why we act in certain ways, be they ethical or unethical. It provides a grounded, practical, and realistic appreciation of how we as individuals can understand and improve our ethical decision making capabilities.

Our programs are designed specifically for organisations serious about their ethical foundations, the transparency and integrity of their organisational decision making and creating the right climate for individuals to thrive. Suitable for all industries, from Banking and Finance, Government, Healthcare, to Mining and Construction, our targeted courses aren’t just about raising ethical awareness, but changing behaviour.


Our programs

Our programs target people in organisations as well as their managers. Ethically relevant decisions are not only made by management, they are more frequently made by people on the ground – at the coal face of the organisation.

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